Middle School Happenings

Middle School has started 2017 with great excitement. With so many exciting programs on offer every student has had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of curriculum programs, such as; Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Home Economics, Physical Education, Health, Civics & Citizenship, Humanities, Vocal Studies , Art, Electives, Choir and Instrumental Studies.


The students’ ages range from 11 years old up to 15 years old.


At the Middle School Campus the pastoral teachers are as follows;

MSA - Mrs Cassandra Searle MSB - Mr Luke Bowen
MSC - Mr Matter Machar MSD - Miss Kate Harding
MSE - Miss Margot Murphy MSF - Ms Lisa Ryan
MSG - Mr Stefan Kotzamanis MSH - Mr Marc Peduto
MSI - Ms Liz Jeans MSJ - Mr Ryan Tindal
MSK - Mrs Jenny Slusher MSL - Mr Ric Marczenko


The ESO staff whom help deliver the programs are: Lukas, Antony, May, Wahid, Sugi, Jack, Nery, Juice, Kaitlyn & Jolyn.



At Middle School we have an election process to select our School Captains. All our graduating students of 2017 were eligible to nominate themselves to become this year’s School Captains. Each of them had to create an election speech and deliver it in front of everyone at our Middle School Assembly. Once completed every student and staff member voted. It was a very close result and I would like to announce the successful Middle School Captains for this year are Brittney J and Matthew B. Congratulations to all who participated and delivered their speeches.


At Emerson we take pride in our School and appearance and would like to thank the parents and students for wearing their uniform  and having a hat to protect them from UV rays during recess and lunch, terms 1 & 4.


If you would like to contact any of the above teachers, Dianne Wright (Campus Principal) or I (Deb Hickox) please don’t hesitate to ring the Middle School Campus on 8762 6466.