Junior School Happenings

Throughout Term 2 of 2016 we will be very busy in the Junior School! The swimming program will commence at North Lodge Swimming Academy for JSH, JSI and JSJ. This will take place in the afternoons for a total of 8 sessions. The kids love the time in the water and the staff at North Lodge are very dedicated and committed to the students not only developing their water safety skills but also a love of being in the water.

Our annual camp to Garfield will also take place this year in Term 2. It’s going to be nice and cold in June but such was the interest this year that there are 8 students on the waiting list to go on camp! We may need to run another camp in 2017! Thank you to Merella, Leanne Russell, Chuck, David Kemp, Chloe and Jocelyn Cowley for agreeing to go on camp. Without the willingness of these staff to go, these camps could not run!

We often have incursions here at school and coming up in the next few months we will have a very special session run by LEGO, which all of the children are very excited about! We will also have our now annual visit from New Zealand Playhouse, this year performing for us ‘Snow White: The Fairest of Them All’.

During term 2, JSA-JSD are focusing on Mini Beasts in their classroom activities. JSE-JSG are working on Values and this will be the focus of our much anticipated ‘Parents Day’ coming up on Friday June the 3rd. JSH-JSJ are looking at Natural Disasters.