Music, Dance & Performing Arts

In 2016 we welcome Mr Tony King to the Senior School VCAL and Performing arts program. Tony is a popular performer who plays regularly in and around Melbourne.  He has been a core member of the swingin' Esstee Big Band and runs his own jazz group ‘Kinju’.  As if that wasn't enough to keep a mere mortal busy, Tony also plays for musical theatre and cabaret and has performed at numerous festivals around Australia with the folk/pop duo ‘Lily and King’. Tony is an experienced VET/VCAL teacher and brings a wealth of experience, talent and expertise to the role of VCAL Performing Arts Teacher.

Margaret Orr continues to work three days per week at Emerson School teaching Junior Music classes, Choir and taking the Voice lessons. Her days this year are different to last year’s days; Ms Orr now works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is a great step as Ms Orr can now be more involved in the choir program at Emerson which was running on Fridays. Ms Orr is also able to join our House program and work with our Friday assembly program.

Dance continues to make its mark at Emerson School. Mrs Ralph leads the way in Dance classes at Emerson and so is already making preparation for Dance Ensembles, VCAL Dance Classes and Wakkakirri 2016, which is most exciting. Mrs Ralph has a large hand in helping to select potential Performing Arts Uniforms for 2016 which is a new initiative this year.

Lincoln Bowen continues to coordinate the Bands/Instrumental program overseeing the development of bands and instrumental lessons at Emerson. We were really excited to see the formation of a new band by the end of last year: The Junior Rock Band, who performed so well at assembly last year. We look forward to seeing where this group can travel in 2016. Mr Bowen works closely with Mr Don Laughton who continues on with excellent work in the Woodwind Instrumental Teaching at Emerson. Mr Laughton has been getting his students to read musical notation and play simple duets, which is fantastic work. We encourage these students to continue this great work. Any parents who are interested in Woodwind lessons for their child(ren) please contact either Lincoln Bowen or Yolette Stewart at Emerson.

Drum students have now been assigned to lesson times so we thank Tristan, Ash and Lincoln Bowen for coordinating all of our many students who enrolled for Drums this year. Thank you to parents who submitted paperwork so quickly; we had more students than places this year so it was challenging to fit everyone into a teaching slot.

Tristan and Ash as you know do fantastic work with our students and thanks to their work we have some outstanding drummers at Emerson who support our bands and ensembles.

We already have a few gigs lined up for the year: Schools Performance Tours are sending out African Drummers in March of this year, Music Viva will consign Ogham Soup, a Celtic group to perform for our school this year, we have begun working on a few more grants for the department, we are partaking in the Dandenong West Community Festival this year where James Merlino will be in attendance and we have begin preparations for this year’s production, “Eclectic Electric”!

The Production in 2016, “Eclectic Electric” will focus on the history and development of Electricity and we are telling the story in as artful a way as we possibly can. So there is a little less speech and dialogue in the production this year, much more music making with a major emphasis on the Senior Bands and heaps of Narrative through Dance this year. Mr King's VCAL class will be the driving force in this production, all students are expected to take on board a role of some sort, from acting to backstage and other like roles. Our production this year will be held at the end of Term Three so stay tuned for extra notice.

Our Vocal Studies program continues to flourish in 2016 with Senior Choir expected to participate in SEVR’s Singfest in March 2016 and eisteddfods later this year. We are currently working on “Tears in Heaven”, the famous Eric Clapton song, in two parts, which is progressing very well. Junior Choir has already performed “Che Che Kule” this year and Middle School Small Vocal Group and Middle School Choir are shaping up as well with some fine strong voices.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2016!

Yolette Stewart

Head of Music