Home Economics - Junior & Senior School

The Home Economics program in 2016 for the Junior and Senior campus aims to teach life skills by encouraging students to develop practical food skills and to understand and appreciate the cultural and social significance of food and its beneficial effects on health and wellbeing. The programs also concentrate on establishing a sound knowledge in cookery terms and techniques and importantly procedures for safety and hygiene in the kitchen environment. We will also be dedicating our time again for students to have the opportunity to compete in the various local shows held throughout the year. We provide opportunities for students to work in smaller groups to consolidate skills through the special programs we have offered over the last couple of years.

The Senior program has been developed to best suit the needs of students and achieve the VCAL outcomes that are most adaptable to the Home Economics domain. The Home Economics program will run over 13 weeks for eight of the Senior pastoral classes and for half the year with SSD. We have implemented a booklet for students to work on covering the key aspects of Home Economics. This includes safety and hygiene in the kitchen which is covered in the first week before students commence cooking. Other elements are food safety, cooking terms and techniques, utensils and kitchen vocabulary.  We will also be covering the new healthy food pyramid and other food models, which are aimed at teaching nutritional knowledge.

In the Junior classes there will be a focus on the two main aspects of Home Economics. The first is the practical aspect of food preparation and maintaining a safe working environment. This includes specific tasks such as spreading, chopping, grating and washing dishes etc; which allow students to become independent in basic cooking tasks. The other area is healthy food choices and what good nutrition looks like. The importance of making good food choices and the factors that can influence food choices. These concepts will be modified to suit the needs of each class to ensure that maximum understanding is achieved.

Home Economics this year will again participate in the various local Agricultural Shows in and around the area. Participation in community competitions such as this develops student’s cookery and organisational skills while gaining confidence in their own abilities. We will also be working with students in smaller groups for more individualised lessons to improve their practical skills and build confidence in the kitchen. This will involve identifying particular students that would benefit from working with a teacher in smaller groups to develop cooking skills. We have identified a number of students who would benefit for extra lessons and also students who enjoy cooking and would like extra work in this area.

The Home Economics program for Junior and Senior students will basically cover all areas of hygiene and safety relevant to the kitchen environment; this also includes food safety that is age appropriate. It will also cover nutritional information and establishing knowledge about what influences food choices by studying healthy eating models and Australian guidelines for healthy eating. Also, the program will emphasise the development of basic food preparation skills that promote independence and confidence in the kitchen setting.