Art - Middle School

We have had an exciting start to 2015! I have been given some extra time to organise all things arty in Middle School. That means some trips to places like ‘Clayworks’ in Dandenong, where the clay and glazes we actually use in our Art department are made and to tour the factory. Also, there will be visiting artists coming to do short workshops and show the students how they go about making their particular art pieces.


We will be reviewing the work of Philippine artist Kerby Rosanes as well as Aboriginal art, making Mandalas and looking at some Asian art in line with the Home Economics department. There will also be extra art on offer this year for the keen students, due to Mrs Wright’s fine work on the timetable! This will include some integrated studies with science and home economics. 


My usual program includes drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture as well as a few additional ideas which spring to mind. I am looking forward very much to this year in the art room. 


Welcome to all the new students and to their families.


Ruth Mangan