Travel & Driver Education

The Travel Education Program aims to teach our students how to travel independently and safely on the Victorian Public Transport (Metro) system of buses, trains and trams. The Travel Education Program is essential to the future development of all Emerson students towards their future after school. 

This program runs across Middle School Graduates through to Senior Graduates. It begins in Middle School where students graduating to senior school the following year, travel as a class to different shopping centres in the surrounding area where they have the opportunity to purchase their lunch. It also allows time for socialization and to learn to practice appropriate behaviours in public. The program continues to be taught in Senior School where students are trained individually to travel independently to and from school.

The program has been set up to ensure student safety and confidence in using Public Transport. The senior students travel their set route the number of times necessary for them to feel confident to travel by themselves to and from school. After the students have proven to the Travel Education Coordinator that they are competent, the student then travels to and from school independently and is given a concession MYKI. This MYKI allows the student free travel until February the following year. The student leaves school after the school day is completed, ensuring their name is checked off the Independent Traveller list, as they would at work, helping them to begin transitioning to life beyond school.


The Travel Education program will generally follow this order:-

a)       Senior graduates trained first

b)       17 year olds

c)       16 year olds

d)       15 year olds dependent on maturity and readiness.



Your child will be assessed by the Travel Education Coordinator for their readiness and will be offered the chance to participate in consultation with parents/carers.

Here are some of the aspects students learn in this program:

  • Cross all types of roads safely.
  • Know how to behave in an appropriate manner when travelling e.g. where to sit, where to put their bag, knowing how to deal with strangers, how to avoid drawing attention to themselves and how to handle unwanted attention.
  • Know who they can ask for help e.g. Bus Driver, PSO (Protective Services Officers), Customer Service Officers and Teachers.
  • Know how to read bus and train timetables and screens whether in the paper form, on the internet or at the bus stop itself.
  • Read destinations of buses and bus numbers.
  • Alight a train safely.
  • Ensure their mobile phone always has credit in case of an emergency.
  • Use a MYKI card:-

                            a)     Touch on and off

                            b)    How to check credit


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this program please contact Amber Ward or Christine Marlow ( at Senior/Junior campus on 9791 8900 on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.



Driver Education has been incorporated into our VCAL program at Emerson School. Students are given the opportunity in Senior School to attend a series of classes that aim to improve their knowledge of the Victorian Road rules in order to make them safe road users and for many the ability to pass the VicRoads Learners test.

Graduate students are also invited to attend RYDA for an all day workshop that aims to keep young people safe and give them a range of skills to help them make safer choices. Some students who have achieved their Leraners permitted are also invited to participate in practical driving lessons in a small group.

If you have any questions regarding the Driver Education Program please call or email Christine Marlow on 9791-8900 or